Life Sciences

We bring vital, but underfunded medicines and technologies to market by designing, funding and executing clinical trials for products in late-stage development.

Life Sciences

We bring vital, but underfunded medicines and technologies to market by designing, funding and executing clinical trials for products in late-stage development.


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what we do

We partner with pharmaceutical, biotech and medical technology companies to address unmet medical needs and improve the quality of life of patients around the world.

Filling a Void

Blackstone Life Sciences (BXLS) fills a critical void in the industry. While life sciences is seeing unprecedented innovation driven by rapid advancements in science and technology, it often lacks the necessary funding to bring medicines and healthcare technologies to market. We work in partnership with the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical technology industries to help meet this need.

Expertise and Scale

In 2018, Blackstone acquired Clarus, a leading global life sciences firm. Blackstone Life Sciences combines Clarus’ scientific and clinical development expertise with Blackstone’s knowledge and global network, access to capital, resources and infrastructure. We commit our skill and scale to select, fund and advance what we believe to be the most promising life science products through hands-on involvement and directly applied expertise.

Managing Risk

We seek to deliver value for investors within the life sciences industry by focusing on areas where we can apply our deep commercial and clinical domain expertise. We make private investments mostly in products rather than companies, with a focus on the most promising candidates in late-stage development. Our priority is to have the greatest positive impact on the most people with the lowest clinical risk and the highest probability of success.

Introducing Blackstone Life Sciences

Introducing Blackstone Life Sciences

Case Studies

The Blackstone Life Sciences team of employees, Senior Advisors and Development Company personnel is responsible — both in its current capacity and prior experiences— for bringing 94 drugs to market in 17 different therapeutic areas.

Pfizer Partnership

In 2012, BXLS entered into a partnership with Pfizer and SFJ Pharmaceuticals Inc. for the funding, design, and execution of a 452-patient global Phase 3 trial of dacomitinib, a first line therapy for a type of lung cancer that is resistant to current medicines. It is a pill that the patient takes every day that stops the progression of the disease for 15 months. The drug received regulatory approvals globally between December 2018 and May 2019.


In 2013, BXLS purchased a royalty interest in a promising drug in Phase 3 development by Pharmacyclics that addresses several blood cancers, including forms of myeloma and lymphoma, by reducing the progression of the disease by up to 84%.

Anthos Therapeutics, Inc.

In February 2019, BXLS invested in Anthos Therapeutics, Inc., in partnership with Novartis, to advance next-generation targeted therapies for high-risk cardiovascular patients. This investment will help meet a large, unmet need for next-generation antithrombotic therapies for patients that are underserved by more conventional medicines. According to the American Heart Association, thrombotic disorders cause nearly 500,000 deaths each year.

All numbers are as of March 31, 2020 unless otherwise noted.

*Not all medicines were brought to market while team members were a part of or associated with BXLS. Includes medicines brought to market by BXLS, development company employees and advisors (Nick Galakatos, Emmett Cunningham, Kurt Wheeler, Bob DeBenedetto, Barry Gertz, Dennis Henner, Ed Scolnick, Jeff Chodakewitz) while they worked at prior employers. The development of a medicine involves many professionals. The degree of involvement by a given professional varies medicine to medicine. Therefore, the performance shown reflects the contributions of a number of professionals and may not be indicative of any individual's contributions to the transactions. Senior Advisors are not employees of Blackstone.

**As of February 25, 2020.