Strategic Partners

We are a leading global investor in the alternative asset secondary market.


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what we do

We acquire interests in funds across asset classes, offering liquidity to investors, and co-invest alongside managers globally.

Trusted Counterparty

Sellers and general partners view us as a trustworthy and well-respected counterparty that is able to transact on a fair, timely and confidential basis. We believe our reputation and ability to execute quickly are powerful competitive advantages.

Diversified Approach

We have executed many types of transactions, from single-fund transfers to complex portfolio solutions and direct investments. We clearly define the objectives for each investment and pursue it only if it makes sense for everyone involved.

Information Advantage

Detailed, bottom-up analysis is mission-critical to our success. As one of the most active participants in the secondary market, we are able to utilize our extensive global network and deep industry knowledge to conduct thorough due diligence on each opportunity.

Strategic Partners: The Power of Our Process

Strategic Partners: The Power of Our Process